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The Encyclopedia of Sewing Techniques by Wendy Gardiner

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The complete step-by-step guide to hand and machine sewing, combining basic know-how for the beginner with advanced techniques for the more experienced. This indispensable reference book includes all the sewing tools, materials and techniques you will ever need. It offers advice on seams, darts, pleats, tucks, necklines, buttonholes, zippers, hems, embellishments and much, much more. Wendy Gardiner takes you through the steps to get you started, helps to improve your skills with the latest sewing tips, and gives inspirational tips on new creative approaches. Once the basic hand and machine sewing techniques are mastered, you can furnish a home, dress a family, or create wonderful embroidered pictures, gifts, and cards. All the techniques are clearly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. - The complete step-by-step guide to hand and machine sewing - The book combines basic know-how for the beginner with advance techniques for the more experienced sewer - Beautifully illustrated with full colour photographs and clear diagrams to help you achieve professional looking results every time - A gallery of stunning, original sewn pieces is included to inspire and encourage you to create your own unique designs