Handzon Showcase 2021

An Exhibition of hand made items
Saturday, 11 December, 2021 • 10am to 4pm
at The John Knox Centre, Rangiora

Visitor’s Choice awards - Lucky Draws for entrants


Call for Entries

Come showcase your wonderful handmade creations for the community to admire at this one-day exhibition.
All sewing, quilting, embroidery (hand or machine), yarn crafts and ScanNCut made items are welcome.

How to take part
Choose what you would like to enter
Make sure they are complete, clean and pressed, framed if applicable or have a hanging tag or sleeve if applicable.
Pick up your tags from Handzon - Each piece you submit, has to be tagged with its individual tag, sewn or stuck at the back of your item, secure enough that it will not be separated from the item during display and being packed up. Please write neatly and legibly.
Pack your items each in a separate bag or box, also labelled with the label supplied.

Bring your entries to Handzon on one of these dates
Friday, 26 November - 10am to 4pm
Sunday 28 November - 10 - 12
Friday, 3 December - 10am to 4pm

Tell everyone to come to the Exhibition!
Help spread the word! It will be an enjoyable day, looking at everyone’s creations and having a cup of tea!

Things to keep in mind
Because of limited space and in order to display items well, we may have to choose from the items you submitted. We would like to display everyting submitted, but we may be in a position where we will have to select pieces - we ask for your understanding and support.

There will be a visitors choice award for each section as well as lucky draws for entry. Each entry will get you 2 tickets in the draw. Prize giving and draw will be at 3.30. Viewer’s choice close at 3.


 Terms and conditions for taking part in Handzon’s Showcase

  1. Although we will take the greatest care to ensure your item(s) remain safe and undamaged, by entering your items you acknowledge that Handzon will not be held liable for any damage or loss, whether accidentally or with intent, of items while in our possession.
  2. This exhibition is not a competition, and participating pieces will not be judged. There will however be a number of viewer’s choice awards. By taking part you waive any rights to contest the results of any viewer’s choice awards being make.
  3. I am lending the above pieces to Handzon to display at the Handzon Showcase event. I am giving permission to Handzon to photograph and use any photographic material in future marketing for this event, for the store in general or for classes, and I hereby waive any compensation for such photographs being used.
  4. While we would do our utmost to show all pieces submitted, pieces may be left out of the exhibition as a result of space constraints, or if it is deemed unsuitable in any way. No explanations will be given and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into.
  5. I acknowledge that the obligation for collecting, or arranging for collection, my pieces after the exhibition is solely mine. I give permission that if my pieces have not been collected after 3 months from the date of the exhibition, Handzon may dispose of it in any way they see fit.
  6. Handzon is not obliged to enter into any correspondence regarding any aspect of the exhibition.

Participants have to agree with these conditions. When entering their work, a copy will be made available to sign.