Learning Events At Handzon

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At Handzon we believe shared crafting time is doubly rewarding! We offer various learning and sharing opportunities. Here is a summary and what you can expect from them:

We offer two kinds of classes:

1. Structured learning events with a specific topic and desired outcome, scheduled over a certain number of lessons. These have specific names, eg Kaleidoscope Quilt or Learn Mosaic Crochet.  Limited seats so you can be sure of getting enough teacher time to achieve the outcome. Booking essential.

  • Examples: Learn to Sew Class, Love your ScanNCut Class, Learn to Crochet Class etc

2. Less structured and student driven, ongoing learning events. These classes are organised in blocks of 8 lessons, and aligned with school terms. In these lessons you can work at your own pace on projects of your own choosing and learn new things as the need arises. Limited seats, booking essential.

  • Examples: Slow Stitching Classes, Yarn Craft Classes, Sewing and Quilting Classes


Pay per Session Classes

We are introducing this concept for two classes this year: 

- Sunday Crochet

- Friday Sewing (Sewing, Quilting, Machine Embroidery, ScanNCut)

Less structured and student driven, you can work at your own pace on projects of your own choosing and learn new things as the need arises. Limited seats, booking essential.

These classes are scheduled for the entire year, but will only take place if enough bookings are received before the deadline. If the class does not go ahead, your fee will either be refunded or carried over to a future class.


Stitch & Chat - social meetings of people with a common interest. Typically marked by crafting, consuming of refreshments, laughter and light technical assistance, by group leader or fellow crafters. No bookings needed, seats not limited.

     UFO Days

    Also new on our calendar, and already popular! A day in the John Knox Hall, with no distractions, so you can finish things off or even start something new. We will have a teacher on hand and supply lunch.


    General info and terms for participating in our classes

    • Your class is not reserved until paid up in full.
    • Cancellations are only accepted one week prior to the class. After that we can reschedule if requested at least 48 hours prior to the class taking place. Cancellations will incur a 10% cancellation fee.
    • No refunds or rescheduling or catch up will be given for no shows.
    • Please make sure your machine is in good working order before you arrive. While we are willing to help, teachers are under no obligation to trouble shoot mechanical issues with your machine, and we will not give compensation if the condition of your machine is prohibiting you from taking part in the class.
    • Bring your own scissors, pins and other requirements as listed. Without those you are putting strain on the shared resources and it becomes a frustration to everyone if you keep asking for the scissors. People may be polite and not say anything, but believe me, it is a nuisance. Don’t be that person!
    • If you did not finish your project, and need more help, make use of our Sewing Bee or Stitch and Chat groups. We have a qualified leader in each of those, and they will be able to assist you to complete your project. But please remember that these groups are not classes, and you can only expect some “light assistance”. If you need more than that, please discuss the possibility of scheduling a private lesson with your tutor.
    • We reserve the right to change tutors without prior notice.
    • While we will take all reasonable precautions and measures to ensure your safety and enjoyment of our classes, by taking part in any activity at Handzon you indemnify the owners and directors from any liability towards injury or loss of property or life, while taking part or as a result of taking part in any of our activities.
    • By signing up to any of our classes you agree to these terms.

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