Knitting in high places


I love knitting and crochet - I always have one of my WIPs in my bag - you never know when you need to wait, right? I am used to people glancing at me sideways when I knit at, say, the pool, or at the rugby. Or in the bar. 

One of my fave memories is of when my friend Jennifer Haack, a Canadian girl who worked with me in Dubai, took me and Danielle, our other Canadian friend and colleague, to the very posh cocktail bar at the top of the Burj Khalifa - yeah, that is the big one in Dubai - for farewell cocktails, and ordered us to bring knitting. So there we were, all scrubbed up and in our best rags, purling and chatting. And sipping our very fancy, totally overpriced tipple. 

So maybe you won't make it to Atmosphere this summer, but I would still be interested to see where you were knitting. And what with, of course! Here at Handzon, we are excited to launch some summer yarns - beautiful organic cotton, cotton and silk mixes and some viscose and bamboo. We also have a variety of yarns for facecloths or dishcloths...great gifts!

Happy stitching!