Half Squares in no Time

by Riana Auret

Have you ever looked at a quilt and went squinty eyed because the thought of all those triangles makes your head spin? Well, spin no more! There are many ways you can achieve these tricky little buggers in a jiffy. The result could be a charming scrap quilt or a carefully created gradiant - whatever your choice, give this method a go - you will love it!

You can use this method to make a large quilt like this beauty below, called Half Squares, Double Delight. The pattern is available here as a download, or click here to order a printed pattern.


This quilt is called Half Squares, Double Delight. The pattern is available here as a download, or click here to order a printed pattern.

It is also a perfect way to use up odd bits of favourite fabrics, just like the one in this picture - done by my colleague, Mel.

So, let's go!

1. Place 2 squares of fabric right sides facing (see bottom of the blog for a quick lookup table for sizes). Using your ruler, mark lines as shown - be very accurate with this step!

Marking Half Square Triangles

2. Now pin the layers together and sew a 1/4 inch on both sides of the diagonally drawn lines. 

3. Cut on all the lines - diagonal, vertical and horisontal. 

Cutting Half Square Triangles

4. You are rewarded with 8 half square triangles! 

8 half square triangles

5. Trim them to size - this works best with a square the size you want the final squares to be (before sewing them into the quilt). A rotating cutting mat or a small one that could be turned easily helps too, as well as a smaller rotary cutter.


Ta-Dah!! You are ready to sew them into your quilt!

Size Matters

How to know the size to cut your squares? Here is a quick lookup for you! 
Note: A search on the internet will give you many of these references, all slightly different. I prefer to have a little more room to trim them to exactly the right size. 


 Half square triangles quilting cheat sheet


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Happy Sewing!


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