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Sanctuary by 3 Sisters for Moda

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Bonjour mes amis!  I'm Tess. 

My sisters and I have been designing fabrics with Moda for almost twenty years.  Twenty years!  It's crazy to think that Gingham Rose debuted in 2002... a lifetime ago.  The collections have been influenced by our adventures, our joys, and the changes in our lives.  Even though each of us has favorite collections and prints, and favorite color palettes, we always agree on collections like this one.  Beautiful florals, soft colors, a feeling of harmony. 

We're often asked about creating new collections, which part of the process comes first - the prints or the colors.  It varies, and there have been collections that started with a mood.  Or just a word.  With this collection, it was a confluence of colors and mood. 

Blush. Tranquil. Zen. Shadow. Crystal. Rose.  We give the colors names that suit the spirit of the collection.  That continues with the prints: Flourish, Thrive, Bloom, Flow, Pathways and Focus. 

CT 3 Sisters Sanctuary Color Palette



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